star fox 2 for the super famicom was cancelled in favor of star fox 64 for the nintendo 64. at the time it was cancelled, however, it was nearly finished - and is playable on an emulator.

while star fox 64 stays close to the original game's model, star fox 2 contains a plethora of varied scenes - deep space sorties, planetary assaults, base infiltrations, in-orbit duels, runs under heavy fire - and ties them all into a cohesive game of action and strategy.

the video is a playthrough of the game on "hard" difficulty from start to finish - a full game. it's 47 minutes long. there are a number of conditions which vary from game to game, and different players will make different choices, so the game shown in this video is only one of many possible playthroughs.

getting the game running can be very tricky, as there are multiple roms on the internet in various states of completedness, and only one emulator will run the game correctly. fortunately, home of the underdogs hosts a zip archive containing the emulator and the rom - patched with aeon genesis's english translation of the game.